Health Equity Collective

Video Score & Sound Design, 2021

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in partnership with, brought together justice and equity champions to enact change for health justice. Grounded in lived experience and expertise, a group of 80+ community health workers, racial equity scholars, patient advocates, storytellers, public health experts, activists, medical practitioners, policy-makers, and health innovation champions set out to create a new vision for health equity.

Working together with activist Ben O’Keefe and writer Qimmah Saafir, created a public-facing narrative to articulate, celebrate, and spread the collective’s radical new vision. built on the existing visual style to create a suite of bold, engaging, and accessible assets designed to make people feel and drive them into action.

I was commissioned to lead sound design and music composition as well as animation for the video deliverable.


  • Technique - Logic Pro, Adobe After Effects
  • Collaborators - Maggie Chock: Graphic Design, Video Art Direction. Qimmah Saafir: Script
  • Concept: Qimmah Saafir, Benjamin O’Keefe, Maggie Chok, Lauren Weinstein, Aya Jaffar, Alexandra Iaccarino and the 2020 Collective Cohort. Illustrations: Derrick Dent