Tanfis Album

Album, 2023

These songs are dedicated to the bravery of the women of Iran, and all the people who are fighting to live free of tyranny in my homeland. This album was recorded as part of a larger project seeking to create new links between traditional music and digital remix art.

Go to remix-culture.org/mani to watch a video of the entire musical performance with translated subtitles, as well as remixes of this music, and freely downloadable samples and stems for free with a Creative Commons license, for those of you who wish to remix this content and join our open-source, fair trade collective.

Released August 17, 2023


  • Recorded live in October of 2022, by Tyler Wood in Sparrow Bush, NY, USA.
  • Mixed and mastered by Tyler Wood at Sauce Farm Studio, Catskill, NY.
  • Produced by Hatim Belyamani