Dark Patterns

Web VR, 2016 - Ongoing

Dark Patterns is an experimental game that speculates the future of the web, when web is experienced through VR devices. It explores the hurdles of the current web, and the ways in which those could introduce larger problems with VR in the future.
The game explores annoyances in navigating the internet from malware, pop up ads and phishing scams to surveillance and privacy invasions. It examines UI design patterns and methodologies that enable entities to trick, annoy, and obfuscate choices for users as means to exploit them.
Dark Patterns tasks the player to select paths as seen on the web by actual web crawlers. This is a game inspired by the web but it takes place within the a potential future of the extended web.


  • Technique - aframe, THREE.js, React, Node.js, WebSockets, Raspberry PI, USB Game Controller, Phone, Generic Phone VR Headset
  • Collaborator - Caroline Sinders: Art Direction, Story, Photography