Installation, 2012

Teh/YC is an interactive video installation that explores the psychological impact of being displaced from one’s habitat and adapting to a new one. The idea is derived from a series of recurring dreams I experienced after moving from my home city of Tehran to New York City to pursue my MFA. The common denominator of these dreams is the juxtaposition of elements and entities from the context of Tehran and New York City. When brought together, these create an experience that borrows various sensory elements from either location to paint a synthetic picture.
Teh/YC invites the audience to engage in an interactive experience. Upon the movement of the body, the audience can tear holes in a video projection of downtown Tehran to reveal scenes from New York City. Fading in and out between the two cities, the piece aims at situating the audience in a residual state between two habitats. The video documentation shows the installation at 2012 Dumbo Arts Festival