The Night

Installation, 2013

“The night” is a site-specific interactive installation that delivers a visual – kinetic interpretation of selected verses from a poem by Ahmad Shamloo, celebrated contemporary Iranian poet. The poem illustrates a melancholic, weary starry night. At dawn, a group of captured political activists will be executed by firing squad. As the “endless, cold stream of stars drift by”, Shamlou depicts the futility of this enchanting beauty.
As the audience move through the piece, they light up constellations of stars around them, commemorating the fallen for the greater good.
The work was exhibited at Dumbo Arts Festival 2013, as part of a group show organized by the New York – based art collective, “TehraNYC”.
Technic: javascript, html5, webcam (motion tracking), projection


  • Technique - JavaScript, WebRTC, Webcam, Projection
  • Credits - Photo documentation: Talaye Mashayekh